The Good Ole' Days

The Good Ole' Days
Me and my husband

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well, it has been a while since we last blogged, but much has happened since the last time we did. We finally heard from Milwaukee Countty that they completed the background checks, which took 6 weeks for them to do it. My patience was definitely tested during that time. Shortly after the background checks were approved, our updated passports arrived, along with our finalized copy of our home study!!! It was just like magic, Christmas, and any other special event, all rolled into one and happening at the exact same time. After receiving our home study and passports, we were able to complile our paper work for our dossier within a couple of days and go have them all notarized. For those of you who may not know what a dossier is, it is basically a registration file with all important documents that will be sent to the country in which you are adopting.

It seems unreal to say it, but we submitted our dossier materials this morning, which first go the secretary of state for Wisconsin and then off to Kyrgyzstan or it's more official name, the Kyrgyz Republic. All we have to do is mail a form and a copy of our home study to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services Department. After that, we wait. We wait for the referral of our already beloved kiddo.

Again, my patience will be tested. I have never been very good at waiting for something to take place. And, it has already begun to hit me that we are basically done with all that we can do to until we receive a referral for our little one. What a glorious day that will be! I am not sure how much we have shared with everyone, but our kiddo will be in the age range of 0-30 months. We do not know the sex of the child, since we are open to either a boy or a girl.

So, now I begin trying to get kiddo's room all ready. The walls are a pretty yellow. We have picked out the crib and some other stuff we want, and we have decided to have a Classic Pooh themed nursery. We have already started picking up stuff here and there. It has been fun watching Eric throw baby stuff in shopping carts with excitement and zeal. We are very blessed, and we so appreciate everyone's love and support through all of this. It has been quite a journey so far!