The Good Ole' Days

The Good Ole' Days
Me and my husband

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Decision

Hello All,

We have made a decision between continuing with the Bulgarian adoption program or switching to the program from Kyrgyzstan. After many heartfelt conversations between Lizzie and I, our families, and our social worker we have decided to switch to the program in Kyrgyzstan. We made the decision for many reasons, but one of these is the possibility of receiving an infant. Lizzie and I both have a strong desire to experience the joys of raising a child from infancy. The decision was hard because we had ourselves prepared for the process in Bulgaria, but we are excited for the new possibilities to be found in Kyrgyzstan.

On another note, Lizzie and I met with our social worker this morning for what Lizzie and I thought was the first home study interview. To our surprise, this was in reality our final interview. We did not realize that the various other requirements we had completed were a part of the home study process. This means that by the end of July we should have a final copy of our home study report and can submit our documentation to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. While we wait to hear from USCIS, we will work on our international dossier folder for the Kyrgyzstan foreign ministry office.

We are both excited with our decision and the pleasant surprise we received today.

Peace be with all of you,

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